Front End Developer

White Hat Gaming is an online casino technology and services company with offices in Malta and Cape Town. The technical team works remotely across Europe and we are looking for enthusiastic people to join us.

We need a Front End Developer to help us build a fantastic user experience across a range of devices. If you can take our online casino content to the next level we're interested in talking to you.

What you already have:

  • At least expertise in HTML5 with semantics and reusable markup in mind (3 years commercial experience)
  • The ability to use CSS3 to produce clean, maintainable and reusable styles (3 years commercial experience)
  • Experience in writing Javascript from scratch, not just copying and pasting (3 years commercial experience)
  • Great debugging skills
  • Enough expertise in various JavaScript libraries to make things work without having to reinvent the wheel
  • Familiarity with AJAX (XML and JSON) and the complexities of asynchronous programming
  • An understanding of and use semantic naming
  • A familiarity with some form of content management system
  • War stories about providing content for a variety of devices
  • A good eye for layout with attention to detail
  • Some exposure to server-side programming, ideally PHP
  • Good interpersonal skills and a great team attitude
  • The ability to quickly learn new things and adapt

What we'd like you to have in an ideal world:

  • Experience of building interfaces using a modern framework, ideally Angular using Typescript, on top of a backend API
  • Exposure to writing tests
  • Familiarity with managing a number of websites using a combination of shared code but with lots of customisation
  • Real PHP programming experience, because sometimes you might have to get your hands dirty
  • Enough SQL experience to look at data in a database and make simple changes, MySQL a bonus
  • Comfortable making changes to graphics
  • An understanding of what UX really means

How we approach things:

  • Daily video stand ups
  • Tracking progress through project management tools
  • Comfortable with moving scopes
  • Sharing expertise and learning from others to keep improving as a team The job:
  • Working remotely
  • Working to a +/-2 hours GMT schedule (9 - 5:30)
  • Maintaining existing gaming websites, both for desktop and mobile
  • Working with technical staff to deliver end to end solutions
  • Working with business, marketing and creative staff to deliver great looking, well targeted content
  • Not being phased by the strange variety of things that need doing in a small growing company
  • Being proactive and not just waiting to be told the next thing to do
  • Finding better ways that we can get things done

Kindly submit your Cover Letter and CV to

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