Full Stack Developer (Internal Tools)

We need a full stack engineer to help work on a number of internal tools across our entire company. If you can help us work out what will make our business users’ day to day lives better and then help build the solutions then we’re interested in talking to you.

What you already have:

  • At least 3 years expertise in building web applications in a variety of different languages and technology stacks
  • Some experience in building solutions from scratch with only minimal requirements to begin with
  • A good visual eye for user interfaces and an instinct for creating a good user experience
  • 2+ years writing raw SQL beyond just simple select statements
  • Familiarity with unit/integration testing
  • Good interpersonal skills and a great team attitude
  • The ability to quickly learn new things and adapt

What we’d like you to have in an ideal world:

  • Experience with browser based testing e.g. Selenium, Watir, Windmill
  • 2+ years commercial experience of PHP and/or Java based tech. Our existing backoffice and some other components are built in PHP and our backend services are all in Java and Scala. So some experience of either would be useful, both would be fantastic.
  • Familiarity with writing business intelligence or analytics applications

How we approach things:

  • A small company, can-do ethos
  • We focus on getting stuff done, not on process or management hierarchy
  • Working remotely but communicating regularly
  • Sharing expertise and learning from others to keep improving as a team
  • A flexible working schedule

The job:

  • Working remotely or in the Malta office as best suits you
  • Approaching and working closely with people from every business function
  • Agreeing with business and technical staff what solutions are needed
  • Providing a mixture of tools from small “glue” tools to full blown applications as required
  • Diagnosing and fixing production issues
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Not being phased by the strange variety of things that need doing in a small growing company
  • Being proactive and not just waiting to be told the next thing to do
  • Finding better ways that we can get things done

Kindly submit your Cover Letter and CV to recruitment@whitehatgaming.com

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